MONTORRETAS S.A is a company that was founded by LINO OSKOZ in 1959, and continues to be a family enterprise located in the Basque Country.

MONTORRETAS S.A. is devoted to the manufacture of lead shot (pellets) for both hunting and competition sports, being leader in the European shotgun cartridge industry.

A large part of our current industrial activity is given over to the production of lead granules, mainly used for encapsulation technology in steelworks.

The production system is based on a 45m-high shot tower, where perfectly spherical and calibrated lead granules are obtained. In this way Montorretas S.A. achieve a lead product that is more uniform and efficient, for both hunting and competition cartridges.

Our target in the production of lead granulate, whether for use in the metallurgical industry or for other uses, means that we are aware of the needs of our customers and that we are able to adapt to these.

Our work philosophy is based on an ongoing partnership with our customers, on knowing their targets and their problems, and on providing them with concrete solutions most suited to their requirements.

MONTORRETAS S.A. is a company committed to the Environment and to quality in processes, and with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Montorretas S.A. Company